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VUB Canvas Support

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Getting Started with Canvas

Canvas is an online learning platform that offers some unique features. Canvas’s best attribute is its ability to convey information intuitively and makes it easy for students and instructors to engage online in a well-designed site. The Canvas site will be your online classroom where you will be able to access all your learning materials, and resources. In a typical class, you will be able to keep track of progress in the class. This will allow you to complete assignments and participate in course discussions with ease. The site will also provide you access to the grade book. Here you will be able to see both your grades for individual assignments as well as your overall course grade.

Navigating Canvas can be confusing for new online learners. To begin the process of learning what you can do with Canvas, please watch the videos below:

How to log into OTC Canvas

Detailed explanation of Canvas functions.

To enroll in the Veterans Upward Bound Canvas page, pleaseĀ  click here.

If you are an OTC student and wish to practice an online class before actually taking one, please click here.

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