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Veterans Upward Bound Refresher Courses

Veterans Upward Bound offers refresher courses for any participant that needs to refresh their skills in either Math or English before taking a college level class. These courses are free and any participant may sign up for them.

If you are considering a refresher course, the Education Coordinator will contact you about doing the Comfit Pre-exam to gauge your current skill level.

Students can reach the education coordinator at 417-447-7843.

**Due to the spread of the Corona Virus across the U.S., OTC has taken preemptive measures to cut down on the possible spread here at OTC.  This means that the Refresher Courses  have been moved to an online format. Please sign up below for details.

English Refresher Course

This course prepares the student to enter a standard ENG – 101 class by developing skills necessary for college-level writing. This includes adapting texts to affect an audience and accomplish a purpose, developing essays, and introducing beginning concepts of research and documentation. Students will progress from multi-paragraph writing assignments to more complex compositions.

Math Refresher Course

This course is designed for students who have had no instruction in algebra or who need a review to prepare them for college level math courses.  Students learn to solve linear equations and inequalities; to graph linear equations in two variables; to evaluate and graph linear functions; and to solve systems of linear equations in two variables.  Additionally, this course will focus on factoring, rational expressions quadratic equations, radicals, complex numbers and applications.

Class breakdown: 1 Hr Lecture/Tutoring

*Morning and evening classes will cover the same material so if you miss one class, you can make it up in the other time slot.

Online Refresher Course also available.

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