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Veterans Upward Bound is not only committed to helping you get back into the classroom, but ensure success once you are there. We offer in-person tutoring on the OTC campus for participants, but there are many online resources you can take advantage of as well. We provide monthly workshops and will make any workshop materials available on our Canvas site for participants.

Refresher Courses and Tutoring

All VUB participants are invited to participate in refresher courses or one-on-one tutoring, led by our tutors. VUB offers refresher courses in Math and English, but can also offer classes in computer skills, science, communication, economics, history, and others by request. Refresher courses are self-paced, individualized courses under the instruction of a tutor. Participants are given an assessment to determine their skill level and the tutor works with them to continue to build their skills around a specific curriculum, built around the requirements of their planned degree program. Refresher courses are not meant to replace required courses within a degree program, but to develop the skills needed for success to enter the required courses. Refresher courses aim to reduce the time and money spent on remedial or developmental classes that may not count toward your degree program.

One-on-one tutoring is also available for participants who want to focus on specific subjects, outside of what a refresher course offers.

Tutoring and refresher courses are offered in-person, by Zoom appointment, virtually, or a hybrid option.

Academic Lab

The academic lab is available to all VUB participants. The lab can be used for studying, questions about homework, tutoring, academic assessment, and more. The lab offers free printing and staff assistance.


Monday – Thursday   7:30am – 5pm
Friday   8am – 4:30pm

After-hours and weekend lab use and tutoring may be arranged by appointment. Email to schedule a time.

Meet Your Tutors!

Linda Rhodes

Linda Rhodes

Linda is a former educator with many years of experience. She has a passion for helping others succeed and readily available to assist you with your college work. She is also in charge of our Math Refresher course to help you get ready for that coming math class. Let her help you succeed!

Ben Fiene

Ben Fiene

Ben Fiene is a certified math teacher for the state of Missouri in grades 9 -12. He has over eight years of experience in tutoring children through adults in levels grade 5 through calculus. He is also a Navy veteran who served on board the USS Nimitz from 1995 to 1998.

Additional Resources

Khan Academy
Free, self placed courses in math, art, computer programming, science, economics, history, and more!

Typing Club
Build and improve your keyboarding skills with free courses, games, tests, and videos.

Rosetta Stone (for active VUB participants)

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