Student Organization of Latin@s-SOL

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The mission of the Student Organization of Latin organization is to support and encourage the members to become active leaders in the community. We aim to do this by helping them succeed academically through their college careers while embracing their diverse backgrounds.

The vision of the Student Organization of Latin is to promote student development and campus participation for Latin@ students. Committed to the creation and maintenance of a campus environment where Latin@ identity and issues are affirmed and supported and to help students succeed at OTC through opportunities for personal growth, organizational involvement and community development.

Community colleges provide an attractive option for students who want easy, accessible, low-cost, flexible options close to home. In 2009, more than half of Latin students enrolled in community or two-year college. Because community colleges generally have open admission policies, they offer a viable option for any Latin students who want to attend college. Retention and success are a priority for OTC. We need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help Latin graduate and enter the workforce or continue their education in a 4 year university. By having this organization, we will create leaders who will be the voices our communities need.