Honors Council

The Honors Council provides a platform for OTC Honors Program students to associate and participate in social and academic endeavors. The Honors Council supports Honors Program students in pursuit of academic excellence and personal and professional growth. It does this by encouraging community/campus involvement, service, and leadership. The Honors Council works to create an environment for members of a collegiate honors learning community that promotes collaboration, cooperation and scholarly conscience.

The OTC Honors Council has been in existence since 2009. The organization fosters a sense of community among members of the OTC Honor Program and serves to organize social, community service, campus service and academic endeavors for its members.  Students admitted to the OTC Honors Program, the parent academic program of the Honors Council, fulfill program requirements to earn honors distinction on their associates degree and in doing so are members of the Honors Council.  Through the Honors Program, academically motivated high achieving students who conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner complete honors courses as a part of their OTC degree and additionally must meet requirements related to campus/community service, academic excellence, and standards of ethical conduct.

Through the Honors Program students receive dedicated academic advising, unique academic opportunities, opportunities to socialize/collaborate with Honors peers, and earn honors distinction on their associates degree and transcript notation of honors coursework. They also may encounter honors scholarship opportunities, receive acknowledgement of honors program completion at commencement, and may have the opportunity to transfer honors courses to Honors Program/Colleges at many transfer institutions.

The Honors Council facilitates a wide variety of campus and community social, educational, and service events, campaigns and functions. The OTC Honors Program office, and Honors Council Headquarters, is located in ICE 352.

Advisor: Todd Yerby

Meetings: The third Tuesday of each month, from 8:30-9:30 am in ICE 352 and/or online via Microsoft Teams