El Club de Espanol (SPN)

Meetings days and times for El Club de Espanol (SPN) will be announced in the coming weeks.

The purpose of El Club de Español is to promote the Hispanic culture and language in our school and community. It provides a cooperative atmosphere which encourages club members to present global and community issues and concerns to the student body.
Since 2005, El Club de Español has been involved in several diverse activities.

  1. Helping others at the local and global level.
  2. Participating and/or sponsoring activities that will enrich the lives of many in the community.
  3. Celebrating important holidays with the community.
  4. Offering OTC’s students, faculty and staff a place to make friends and learn that we are living in a diverse community.
  5. Providing OTC’s students, faculty and staff with a place for music, food and fun.
  6. Offering a Leadership award scholarship every semester to one of our active members.

Advisor: Maria Blackmon