Baptist Student Union (ADOLOS)

Richwood Valley Campus Faculty Advisor: David Fotopulos

Richwood Valley Campus Missionary: Joseph Ransom

Life Groups and more information:

About Adolos Student Ministries

First of all, welcome! From whatever town/city/state you are from, we are excited that you have chosen Ozarks Technical Community College to be your place of higher education!

Three words can sum up the heart of Adolos:

Authentic | Intentional | Relational

You will engage in a community with the sole purpose of saturating the campus with the gospel. You will be discipled and in turn disciple others. Adolos will train you missionaries to take the gospel to your community, our mission field. Through authentic and intentional relationships, our hope is to see the college campuses transformed into intense followers of Jesus! We are in need of students who are willing to engage the mission field with the gospel even at the cost of our traditions.

OTC students who are interested in engaging with our Missouri State BSU chapter in Springfield may contact Chris Wilson: