Aviation Community for Excellence (ACE)

Remember the question – What do you want to be when you grow up?
Did you ever answer – FLY AIRPLANES?

Do you like planes, the freedom of the sky, and the idea of doing something most other people only dream of? Do you want to learn what makes airplanes fly? What makes them tick?

Perhaps it’s time to join the Aviation Community For Excellence… or… ACE!

We’re a community not just for Aviation students, but also those interested in learning more about aviation or wanting to learn more about the Aviation program(s) at OTC. We’re committed to creating a community that helps future aviators learn, grow, and hone their skills. Our community will help organize events that broaden the scope and exposure of OTC students to real-life aviation knowledge, challenges, and career information. We also seek to raise awareness of the Aviation Program at OTC and the skills and opportunities it offers!

Membership is free and open to all currently enrolled OTC students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni!

To apply for ACE membership and receive voting rights, or to become an officer, you need to be an actively enrolled student in good standing.

ACE meetings will be held at least twice per semester, and events will be held whenever possible.
Events may include:

  • Tours of aviation facilities
  • Meetings and webinars with career professionals in aviation related fields
  • Attendance of FAA meetings and webinars
  • Community Nights
  • Fundraisers

ACE Community T-shirts will be available shortly!

Community Advisor

Kyle McKee

Kyle Mckee

Community Advisor


Anita G.


Courtney Lea

Courtney L.

Vice President

Jonathan Godzwa

Jonathan G.


Nick Pilkenton

Nick P.


Ryan Kuse

Ryan K.

Historian & Relations Chair