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The college policy regarding Pass/Not Pass grading has been adjusted for the Spring 2020 semester due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the changes made to course delivery.  Students will be allowed to request Pass/Not Pass as an alternative to the final grade issued by the instructor at the end of the Spring 2020 semester.

Pass/Not Pass Basics
Pass/Not Pass grades do not affect the student’s grade point average.  Therefore, if a student is earning a grade that would have a negative impact on their OTC GPA, changing it to a Pass/No Pass may be a good option. Any P grades earned during the Spring 2020 semester (for native and transfer students) will be excluded from any policies limiting the use of these grades, except as noted below. P grades earned during other terms will be subject to any limitations outlined in the Academic Catalog.

If this option is selected for a course:

  • Any grade of D or higher becomes a “P”
  • Any grade of F becomes an “NP”
  • Students repeating a prior course may not select the P option if the grade they earned SP20 is lower than their previous grade.  If the grade is the same or higher, they may elect the P option.
    • Using a P grade to replace a prior grade in a course is not automatic.  If a student wants to use a P to replace a prior grade, the student will need to select that option on the form below and it will be replaced manually by the Registrar’s Office.
    • Selecting the P grade for a repeated course will remove the prior grade from the students OTC Cumulative GPA, increasing that GPA.  However, if the student earns a B or A on the repeat, it would typically raise their GPA more to keep the letter grade and not elect the P option.
    • Selecting the P grade if the student earned the same grade as the previous attempt will remove that previous grade and will still raise the students GPA in most cases.
    • If you have questions regarding whether or not you should select the P grade on a retake, please contact the Registrar at

Deadlines for the Pass/Not Pass Option
Students who receive a final grade in a course at the end of the spring term should decide whether to elect the Pass/Not Pass option as soon as possible.  Pass/Not Pass forms will continue to be accepted over the summer semester Students who are issued an Incomplete (I) grade at the end of spring have until November 27th to select the Pass/Not Pass option but should do so within 2 weeks of a final grade being issued if possible.  No Pass/Not Pass forms will be accepted after November 27th, 2020.

Guidelines for the Pass/Not Pass Option:

  • Pass/Not Pass will be allowed as an option for all 16-week, 14-week and 2nd 8-week classes completed during the spring 2020 semester. This option will not apply to any A-Block (1st 8-week) classes.
  • The Pass/Not Pass option is currently not available for future semesters.
  • The Pass/Not Pass option will be available for any class that currently utilizes the normal A-F grading scheme.
  • Students will be allowed to select the Pass/Not Pass option after final grades are submitted at the end of Spring semester by completing the online form below. That form will not be available until final grading begins.
  • The instructor will still enter the final grade earned for all students in all courses. Students should not request the Pass/Not Pass option through the instructor. OTC will maintain the final grade earned in the course for all students but will use the Pass/Not Pass grade for those who request it.  The change from the final grade to Pass/Not Pass may take several days to process.
  • Passing (P) grades will be allowed to meet prerequisites for future classes.
  • Passing (P) grades will meet degree requirements for all OTC certificates and degrees.
  • Pass/Not Pass will be applied on a course by course basis. Students do not need to select this option for all courses on their Spring 2020 schedule.
  • Once elected, the decision to change the grade to Pass/Not Pass cannot be reversed.

Things to consider when changing a course to Pass/Not Pass

  • Students should consult with their academic advisor or program coordinator to determine the impact of choosing the Pass/Not Pass option.  There are a variety of situations where a letter grade may still be required for accreditation, licensure, clinical work, etc.  Students can find their Academic Advisor’s contact information in student planning in myOTC.
  • OTC cannot guarantee that other colleges or universities will accept courses with Pass/Not Pass grading in transfer to meet degree requirements. Students should check with their transfer institution prior to selecting the pass.
  • Pass/No Pass grades will still affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid eligibility.
  • Pass/No Pass grades will not impact a student’s Academic Standing at OTC since it doesn’t impact the GPA.
  • Students using VA education benefits should contact the OTC Veteran and Military Services office or Veteran’s Upward Bound to discuss options.  Most students using VA benefits will experience a charge back of funds (VA debt) if opting to use Pass/No Pass grading.

Procedure:  Students wishing to choose the Pass/Not Pass option for one or more courses should complete the Pass/Not Pass Request Form.

Option #1: Complete the Online Pass/Not Pass Request Form
Once submitted, the student will receive a copy of the completed form and the form will be processed.

Option #2:  Download and submit the Pass/Not Pass Request Form via email or US mail.  If you have difficulty completing the online form, you can download the form, print it, complete the form and then submit it to OTC:

  • Email completed forms to . You can take a picture of the completed form with your phone, then email that image as an attachment to the email address.
  • Print and complete the form, then mail it to:

Academic Ombudsman
Ozarks Technical Community College
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO  65802

Questions about the Pass/Not Pass option should be directed to

Last updated: 05/29/2020.

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