You will use this process to allow students to register for classes built that required instructor consent.  Examples:  290 courses, 295 courses, MUS classes that require an audition,  Foreign Language Institute courses.

  • Sign into Colleague
  • Go to STPE screen and enter the student’s name or ID

Student Cross Reference for STPE

  • If the student doesn’t have any previous instructor consent, press the Add button in the lower-left corner.  If the student has already been granted consent for the term in question, you may simply add this course to the earlier request. You may use the next available course slot.

STPE Instructor's Consent

  • Enter the term information if adding a new term.
  • Enter the course information.
  • Enter the section only if you would like to limit the student’s registration to a specific section.
  • Enter Granted from the drop-down box.  Make sure you enter granted in the Faculty Consent Field.  It is below the Petition field.  These are different.  If the permission is granted in the wrong field the student will not be able to register.
  • Enter a Faculty Consent Reason from the drop-down box.
  • You may detail into the Consent Comments if you need to enter additional information about who or why the consent is being given.
  • Save out of STPE.

NOTE: The course in question must fall within the Start and End Date listed on this screen.  The system defaults to a 16-week term.  If you are working with another term length, you will need to change the dates accordingly.