It’s easy to see exactly how your transfer work has been evaluated at OTC.

You can now see the details for all transfer coursework completed and also see what credit has been given for that coursework at OTC!

Here’s how:

Log into MyOTC and click on the “Transfer Evaluation” box on the main page.




Why is the High School transcript on this list?

No worries! You will see the high school transcript on the list, but there will be no transfer credit evaluation.

What does it mean if the college is listed but there are no courses?

That simply means that we either haven’t received the transcript or we have it but have not yet evaluated it.  You will receive an email to your OTC email account each time we receive a transcript (high school and college).  You can compare the day you received that email to the day we are currently evaluating, which is displayed on our Transfer Credit website, and determine when the transcript may be evaluated.

How do I request a re-evaluation of courses on my Transfer Credit Report?

If you feel something is missing or not transferred as expected, you can request a re-evaluation of credits from both Regionally Accredited and Non-Regionally Accredited institutions. For instructions to request a re-evaluation, visit the Transfer Credit Website and select the type of credit you would like re-evaluated.

Please note if you completed a AP test, CLEP test, IB credit or other type of credit we currently accept but the test they completed is not listed, OTC has already determined we will not accept it for credit.  In that case, any appeals would go to the Dean of that college and would need to be approved by the Provost.

How can I tell if the evaluation is completed?

Great question! As our team enters evaluations into our system, they immediately become available in myOTC for you to view.  But, all evaluated transfer credit may not be entered at the same time. You may want to check back in a couple days to make sure the total number of credit hours completed are appearing in MyOTC.