Tax Information for International Students

International students who were in the United States prior to January 1, of the current calendar year MUST file a Form 8843 before April 15 of the current calendar year to the Office of Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is required for any non-resident alien even if you DID NOT work during the previous calendar year. Be aware that  failure to file could result in you having to leave the US, or you could have problems reentering the US.

To file you may download the form 8843 from the IRS website:

If you would like to have assistance in filing this form or any other tax related information, you may schedule an appointment with the International Student Tax Clinic by calling 417-836-3007 or 417-536-5414. The Tax Clinic offers free assistance, but you will need to make an appointment. For more information, visit the clinic’s website at:

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