To make sure that you are able to cover any medical expenses, OTC requires that all international students purchase the insurance plan provided through the college. All F-1 students will be charged for this insurance on their OTC student account when they enroll for any number of credit hours.  To see information regarding Springfield area hospitals click here.


Obtain copies of your immunization records demonstrating proof of vaccination for measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella (MMR) and bring these records with you to the U.S. The IP office will copy the documents for your file. If you are going to renew your MMR vaccine at home, please have it done at least six weeks prior to your arrival at OTC. A negative TB test obtained within the United States must be on file with OTC before being authorized to enroll in classes. TB skin tests are valid for exactly 12 months. TB chest X-rays are valid for five years. If expired, you must retest before enrolling.