Events and Activities

The International Programs Office at OTC organizes events and activities for international students. This could involve participating in international student trips, invitation to international student banquets, invitation to sport events in the area of Springfield and much more! Please see below the most recent event organized for international students at OTC:

Summary of the International Education Day Event April 2016

The International Education Day Event in Jefferson City was an amazing experience for OTC students. The event celebrated the presence of international students who are attending colleges and universities in the state of Missouri.

Four hundred students attended the event and at least 80 countries were recognized that day! The morning started with a light breakfast in the Capitol building in Jefferson City. Breakfast was followed by a visit to the House of Representatives and Senate where students were introduced.

Then, all the four hundred students posed for a group photo on the Grand Staircase. Speakers during the luncheon highlighted the important role that international students play in in the state of Missouri. Mr. Jeremy Knee of the Missouri Department of Higher Education spoke to the international students and said: “You make Missouri a better place to live, work, and learn”.

The afternoon activities were quite enjoyable as well. Students had the opportunity to visit with Representative Charlie Norr of District 132. The legislative assistant, Ms. Keri Wolters, took our students to the top of the capitol building and provided our students with important educational information on the building.

In addition, Ms. Wolters invited our students to the office of the secretary of the state and all students learned about the Missouri Seal and obtained a stamped historical note with the Missouri Seal on it. Students headed back to the bus late afternoon and made a stop at Central Dairy for ice cream, then everyone returned to Springfield.

For more information about the international education day, please visit the Study Missouri Website or follow the Facebook page.

OTC International Students say:

It was a great day at Jefferson City; I’m glad that I came. The first impression was there were so many international students in the state of Missouri. The staff made us, the international students, feel really comfortable and welcomed even though that is my first time there. My favorite part of the day is having a chance to talk to the Greene County Representative, Mr. Charlie Norr.

I like it because I do like politics, I want to know more about it because I think it is a culture thing that I didn’t have experience when I was in Vietnam. Talking to a person at the office, I learned a lot about how everything is actually functioning in the office, how the bills are passed and such.

My second favorite part is having a day off from school and go explore Jefferson City, where I haven’t had a chance to visit. I also got myself a new friend from Yemen, and having good pictures with her. I really enjoyed my day at Jefferson City. Thank you OTC international office for paying for the ticket.