Change of Degree Program – International Students

As an F-1 or M-1 student, you were admitted to the United States to work toward a specific educational or professional objective. In order to change your objective, you must comply with the standard procedures in order to remain in status.

You will need a new I-20 form, and it will need to reflect any of the following changes:

  • Degree program (school/department)
  • Degree level (Associates)
  • Funding source and amount

Note: if by changing majors you will need more time to complete the program, you will need to follow the requirements for program extension.

How to change your degree program:

  1. Follow OTC departmental requirements for changing your field of study.  You will need to visit with an academic advisor to fill out necessary forms and discuss a new graduation plan.
  2. Schedule an appointment with an IPO advisor. When you go to your appointment, bring with you the following documents:
  • Proof of change of degree program
  • Current form
  • I-20 passport
  • I-94 card

The IPO advisor will print you a new Form I-20 that reflects the changes. You should use the new Form I-20 for all purposes such as travel.