OTC Employee Tuition Waiver

Refer to OTC Policies and Procedures manual, section 3.46, Staff Enrollment and Tuition Exemption for eligible employees and benefit information.

Instructions to apply for the Employee Tuition Waiver

  1. Fill out an admissions application.
    • Please allow up to 24 hours before registering for classes. You will be notified by email with directions on how to register.
  2. Register for your classes and enroll in the My Payment Plan on the same day to secure your seat in those classes.

    • If you need assistance with the My Payment Plan enrollment, please email cashhelp@otc.edu or drop by Student Account Services at any college location for individualized help.
  3. Print and complete the Application for Employee Tuition Waiver form.

    • If you have questions when completing the Application for Employee Tuition Waiver form, please email cashhelp@otc.edu (subject: Tuition Waiver) or drop by Student Account Services at any college location for individualized help.
    • Remember to complete these steps before your final payment deadline date so your classes can be held for the semester.  All processing steps take time — please do not delay!
  4. Obtain all appropriate authorized signatures.

    • Supervisors — please carefully review the Application for Employee Tuition Waiver before signing.  Remember, you are certifying the accuracy of all information submitted on the form.
  5. Prepare all required attachments.

    • Dependency Documentation – We need to validate that your dependent is listed on your most recent tax return and eligible as a dependent as defined by Internal Revenue Code; however, we understand your income should remain private. If you will provide us with a copy of the top half of your return, which validates the dependent is an exemption, that will be acceptable documentation.
    • Request To Take College Class During Working Hours form – If you are taking classes during regular work hours or during a scheduled lunch period, you must complete this form and obtain the appropriate signatures.  The form is located at OTC Intranet – Staff & Faculty Resources under Human Resources.
  6. Scan the waiver and all attachments (if applicable) and email to financialaid@otc.edu.

    • This is an electronic process so it is very important for you to email the application and supplemental document(s) together. Once you complete and email all documents, the Financial Aid office can begin processing your waiver.
    • Please allow 10-14 business days for initial processing of your waiver.
    • This credit waiver will not post to the student’s account receivable account until approximately 5 weeks after classes begin.

You can direct questions regarding policy or eligibility to cashhelp@otc.edu or 417-447-4827.

If your request is incomplete, you will receive an email from Financial Aid at which point you must start the process over and resubmit all documentation.

OTC Employee Tuition Waiver Application