OTC eSports Tryouts

Tryouts for OTC Esports will be held in August 2022

You can get information or sign up for tryouts by joining the OTC eSports discord, linked in the button below. If you want to learn more about eSports before trying out for the team, browse this page for information about the tryout schedule, participation, and team membership requirements, what games the team will be playing, and answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

2022 Tryout Information

All interested players should fill out the tryout form. Players will be contacted about tryout dates where they will participate in the following events.

Participation in the tryout session does not guarantee a player a position on the varsity or junior varsity team. Players may be cut at any time for behavior deemed inappropriate by OTC eSports staff.

While we encourage all participants to come to the arena to join in the fun, prospective and current students can participate remotely. If you are selected for the tryout and cannot attend in person, please notify staff either through email or Discord one week prior to the event and we will make the arrangements for you to play from home.

All participants must have complete applications and any other requested documentation.


OTC Esports is recruiting for the following games:

* League of Legends

* Rocket League

* Super Smash Bros Ultimate

* Valorant

Positions on our teams are available at various skill levels.

Team Membership Requirements

Players will need to:

* be full-time (min 12 credits) OTC student on a track to graduate or a first-semester student

* have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

* Stay within the team attendance policy

* abide by the OTC eSports Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

* abide by the Standards expected of an OTC Student-Athlete.

* have accounts that pass a behavioral check by Riot/Epic/Nintendo.

OTC eSports Tryouts FAQ

OTC eSports will hold open tryouts for our Varsity and Junior Varsity teams beginning February 2022 and then once every year in August for all positions. Additional tryouts throughout the spring semester prior to the next season of competition may also be available depending on team composition.

Previously participating team members will be required to go through the tryout process as well as applicants and be chosen based on the same grading criteria.

Tryouts are generally considered to be in person, but other arrangements can be made at the coach’s discretion.

All applicants are required to participate in the official team discord server.

OTC eSports is looking for players not only with top skills, but who work effectively in a team atmosphere, respond well to coaching and feedback, and demonstrate a positive and inclusive attitude and dedication to lead OTC eSports to the top ranks of collegiate eSports.