Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections FAQ

Please click on the tabs below to reveal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Department of Corrections employees.

Benefits of OTC for Department of Corrections Employees

  • With enough student interest, OTC instructors can create custom course sections for DOC employees to be geared towards careers within the DOC
  • Flexible scheduling: 8-week, 14-week, and 16-week courses
  • Fully online degree programs
  • Courses are taught by experienced professionals who are either currently working in the field or previously worked in the industry
  • Dedicated representative to serve the needs of DOC employees

Benefits of OTC for Online Education

  • Fully online degree programs
  • Transferable to other Missouri universities
  • Online tutoring and student support available
  • Significantly lower tuition prices than other public and private colleges and universities

Not at this time. However, with tuition prices that are significantly less than other public and private universities and colleges, you won’t break the bank. From financial aid, to scholarships, to loans and grants, there are numerous ways to help make sure everything gets paid for.

No. As an OTC student, you will have flexible scheduling options including online, seated, and hybrid courses. Online courses are designed to fit your schedule, but they aren’t for everyone. Check to see if there is an OTC location near you for seated course offerings.

Although any associate degree program may help advance your career, the DOC recommends transfer degree programs in criminal justice, behavioral science, business, and general education for employees. These degrees are designed to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year university.

No. Although the Department of Corrections recommends several degree programs for current employees, employees may choose to pursue other options. Additional program options can be viewed on in the OTC Academic Catalog. Keep in mind that not all OTC degree programs can be completed online.

Once you apply to OTC, please email Jordan Schreiber to indicate you are a DOC employee. This will allow OTC to better assist you and help meet the unique needs of DOC employees.