Students who would like to authorize the release of their educational, financial aid, academic and student financial records to a third party individual may file a Consent to Release Student Information Form.  This authorization will allow the third party individual to access information about the student’s record until the authorization is revoked in writing by the student.  This form is not intended to be used for a single release of information and does not enable the third party individual to make changes to the student’s record.  The third party individual must present photo identification and will not be given any official or photo copied materials regarding the student’s record.  This form allows the third party individual to discuss the student’s record with an OTC representative without the student present.  The areas of the student’s record NOT covered by this release are: Disciplinary, Behavioral Intervention, Counseling Services or Disability Support records.

A Consent to Release Student Information form may be submitted to Student Services via fax, mail, email or in-person.

Scan and e-mail the document to
This must be done from your student OTC e-mail account.


Ozarks Technical Community College
ATTN: Records & Registration
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802

Any OTC Student Services Location