Hometown:  Forsythe, MO

Degree pursuing:  Associate of Arts

Why I chose OTC:  “I chose OTC for financial reasons.  I have known several people that have gone to OTC and then transferred out of MSU.  They found OTC to be very helpful and recommended that I take that route as well.  I am very glad I chose OTC.  OTC has been a great experience for me thus far.”

Favorite thing about OTC:  “I would have to say one of my favorite things about OTC is all of the tutoring places there are that I can go and get some one-on-one help.”

Advice for new students:  “My advice for new students would be to not procrastinate, be on top of things from the start.  It will make everything so much less stressful.  I, myself, procrastinated on several things and it made signing up for classes, setting up a payment plan, and getting scholarships so much harder.  Don’t procrastinate, and becoming a student at OTC will be a breeze.