Students whose Satisfactory Academic Progress status is probation, over the time frame, or graduated have the option to file an appeal with the Satisfactory Academic Progress committee.

Steps to Appeal

  1. All official academic transcripts must be on file with the College before submitting your appeal.
  2. Confirm your program of study is correct in your OTC Central before filing your appeal.
    • If you need to change it, you must do so before planning all your courses on your degree audit and submitting your appeal.
    • You may update your degree:  Change of Program Form.
  3. Plan all your courses on your degree audit through your OTC Central.   Your degree audit must have the correct program of study before you plan your courses.  For help completing your degree audit:
  4. Complete the appeal form by the appropriate deadline.
    • The explanation should, in thorough detail, explain what happened during your most recent semester at OTC that cause the poor academic performance resulting in loss of Federal financial aid.
    • Complete the appeal form:  Appeal for Federal Financial Aid.

When should I submit my appeal?

Your appeal should be submitted early enough for the committee reviewing your appeal to have sufficient time for proper consideration of your request.  Keep in mind there are periods of time or ‘seasons’ in which a large number of appeals are submitted to the college for review and, therefore, it will take a bit longer than usual for the committee to render a decision.   These seasons typically occur in January, June and August.

Is there a deadline to have an appeal submitted?

The recommendation is to submit an appeal as soon as you can following notification of the loss of aid eligibility and definitely before a semester starts.  However, if you wait until after the semester starts, the last day to submit an appeal is shown in the above box for each semester.  Appeals received after this date will be reviewed for the upcoming semester and your financial aid status will be updated at the end of the current semester.

What kind of information should I include in my appeal?

The online appeal form is designed to collect the necessary information for your appeal.  However, in the section where you provide an explanation of circumstances, be very thorough and complete with your details.  The information contained should explain what happened during your most recent semester at OTC that caused the poor academic performance resulting in loss of student aid.  You will not be asked to present your case to the committee in person or verbally, so your statement must stand on its own and tell your story in an organized and understandable fashion in order to assist the committee with its decision.

Keep in mind, lack of the appropriate or required information will result in your appeal not being reviewed and, therefore, not being approved.

How long will it take to review my appeal?

Outside the ‘seasonal’ times mentioned above, you can expect to receive a response within 14-21 days following the submission of your appeal online.

What should I do if a decision has not been made on my appeal by the time classes start?

As mentioned before, appeals submitted during a time when a large number of appeals are received by the college may take a while for you to receive a response regarding the appeal.

You are welcome to stay in your classes while the appeal is being reviewed. However, keep in mind if your appeal is not approved, any account balance you have with the college will not be covered by Federal Student Aid and you will have the responsibility to pay the account.

How will I know what the decision is for my appeal?

You will be notified via your OTC email account regarding the decision on your appeal.  Your appeal will either be approved or not approved (denied).

What does it mean to have the appeal approved?

Simply having an approved appeal does not mean your job is done.  An approved appeal carries with it a responsibility on your part to meet some expectations as explained in the next question regarding academic plans.  Failure to meet these expectations will result in loss of Federal Student Aid and another appeal is not possible.

If your appeal is approved, you are obligated to meet the following conditions:

  1. Remain in the program of study as long as you are in a Financial Aid Probation status
    • If you change your program of study while you are in a Financial Aid Probation status, your aid will be lost without additional appeal opportunities.
  2. Take the prescribed courses for your program of study as designated in your OTC Central.
  3. Complete the courses you take each semester.
    • If you fail, drop or withdraw from any classes your aid will be lost without additional appeal opportunities.
    • Maintain a semester GPA of 2.00.  Each semester following your appeal approval, your GPA must be a 2.00 or greater.

What can I do if the appeal is not approved (denied)?

The information you provide in your original appeal should be complete and thorough enough for the review committee to make a valid decision regarding your appeal.  Therefore, additional action on the appeal itself should not be necessary.

If I appeal and get approved, then lose aid eligibility again on Financial Aid Probation, how do I regain eligibility?

You may regain eligibility again by completing coursework and once again meeting the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP).  You will not be eligible for financial aid until you meet SAP policy requirements again.